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Mid Summer 2015
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"Thank you for all your help, it made such a difference." "A friend told me about Veronique and how her system empowered her to sort through past pain and set a clear direction for her life. I needed that because I wasn't sure if I was going in the right direction. Her wisdom opened me to know myself better; thereby, clearing away any confusion I had. This enabled me to feel strong in my decisions. I now know I am going in the right direction for me.
Beth Ann S. - Student / Waitress


"You are a powerful source of inspiration and encouragement." "Your deep understanding and skillful presentations shows how compassion and love will give us endless clarity and energy. You ground very precious teachings that give life a completely new meaning. You have deepened my awareness with your wisdom, blessings."
Joan K. - Meditation Teacher


" all my years of taking personal development training, Veronique is the first and only person who has not inserted herself or what she thought was best for me into the training system. She comes from the pure truth and that is all she shares. She allowed me to determine how it was true for me and that allowed me to go faster than anything I have ever studied before."
Veronica V. (Conneccticut)

"Thanks you for "THE CHOICE IS MINE." "I didn't get it at first. I was looking for something mental, something that would tell me "�do this and your problems are solved." Veronique told me to stick with the process. I did and I am so glad I made that choice because once I got myself out of the way I realized "THE CHOICE IS MINE" was exactly what I needed. The bumps in the road both in business and in my marriage greatly improved within weeks and what use to be huge in problems are close to disappearing because of Veronique's process and mentoring. The benefits are compounding."
- Carl Belfast, President - Ties of Many Colors, Inc.

"I'm living proof this works at any age!" When I first heard of this new method of inner strength I sort of laughed at it. I thought nothing of it. But when I went to the class I learned there are so many other ways to change the things in my life I couldn't change myself. … These techniques have helped me work better in groups. If we were trained with these techniques, then undoubtedly that extra fifty percent we seem to be missing will be filled in. I'm living proof that this works at any age!"
- Alex - Age 16


Veronique's, THE CHOICE IS MINE Inside/Out Study Course provides unparalleled wisdom and innovative methods that inspire, nurture and support you in creating your professional goals and personal dreams easier than what can be imagined. Below is a list of some comments from individuals who have either studied personally with Veronique in the different programs she offers or used her Study Course - TCIM on their own.


“I constantly catch myself starting sentences with words like, "I could not, or I should feel; and have to go back and replace those words with, I am doing, I did or I will.
And, that is because "this concept of creating my own reality" is apparently starting to really sink in; which in turn makes those words stick out in a sentence as if they were written in BIG BOLD BLACK LETTERS!! For that alone, I want to thank you.”

- Student of TCIM


“I find that for me, when I’m in my perception of love, I easily fall into illusion. Sometimes it’s hard to see that myself and it’s helpful to have someone else point it out to you. Is the best way to see for yourself that you are in illusion is if nothing is changing in your life?”
- Student of TCIM


"After only studying the material for about 5 months, I have really been able to connect very deeply with my intuition and have used the Keys to dissolve many kinds of emotional upsets. I have even greatly reduced my allergy symptoms by using the Keys alone! I am incorporating this material into my daily life and am remembering how to live the material. I have found a new sense of confidence I didn't know I had and am beginning to fully step into my power. Every time I re-read the chapters, I gain new insight and discover something new about myself and my role in being Unconditionally Responsible"
- Student of TCIM




"WOW, Inspirational and
Triumphant for Generations!"

veronique - the choice is mine
"If anyone ever said to you, 'Look inside for your answers,' and you said silently, 'How do I do that and really know my answers are real?' Veronique's Course THE CHOICE IS MINE (TCIM) is it.

This TCIM inside/out approach gives a 'reality' to the highest achievement of your goals and breathes life into your dreams like nothing else currently available.

It is a treasure to use for yourself, business or organization and to pass on to everyone you know."

barry spilchuck
- Barry Spilchuck,
Trainer for Fortune 500 companies across America, Canada and Abroad
Co-Author of A Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul



When life tires you, or you find it hard or upsetting, or you're living a roller coaster ride of:
• your health being depleted
• you’re simply not happy
• your work exhausts you, instead of rejuvenating you
• you work/play reality is not in balance
• you feel the love you want to give and receive seems to be elusive

Look to your 2 minds.

the mind - personal transformation life and work balance - the choice is mine

To 'fully' have what you want from life, your two minds, conscious and subconscious, must be congruent. It doesn't matter if you are living a modest or a penthouse lifestyle, whether you are a right or left brain thinker, if your minds are in battle with each other it is because you are not aware of what is living in your subconscious that is effecting how you life is.

brain pieces of the puzzle life and work balance - the choice is mine

THE CHOICE IS MINE Inside/Out Study Course is also for professional and personal development and is about becoming aware of what you have stored in your subconscious mind by assisting you in understanding the different pieces of this puzzle. It additionally supports you in uniting your conscious mind and subcoinscous mind in being 100% connected to your heart as a key component in forming the trinity of you. With your minds and heart in sync the world is your oyster.

This 90% – 10% ratio is the main reason why affirmations and visualizations are hit and miss. It is because they are formed from the conscious mind which only affects 10% of what you experience. These tools may work for a short time because of the focus they give you, however if your beliefs are not changed subconsciously, in time, you will begin to go back to same-old – same-old. The 10% of the conscious mind and what it wants and what it focuses on (which is you) cannot override the 90% of what your subconscious mind still “believes to be true” and for the most part operates on auto pilot.

No matter how we have soiled our hearts with prolonged anger/fear, and any of its many faces (judgements, blames, shames, guilts or grief), we can always allow what has covered it up to be washed away by allowing love to take it place. We will always experience these types of emotions at different times throughout life however, it is the degree and length to which we hold onto them that creates and/or prolongs the effects they create. Loss, lack, struggles, upsets, disappointments, illness (to name a few), are simply byproducts of prolonged anger/fear. Any anger/fear existing in our life is an attempt to get out attention to remember our love, nothing more or less. The love the heart has to give heart is endless yet when covered up under the effects these emotions create you begin to loose your connection and purpose your heart plays in connecting you to you, your purpose and the life you would love to live.

whole brain

Whether 'real' or 'misperceived' beliefs are formed early in life from different levels of interpretations of one's life experiences then stored in the subconscious mind. This happens if you are fully aware of this or not. You store what you believe to be true into your subconscious mind which is the 90% it is what influences your experiences, 10% comes from your conscious mind. This is the main reason affirmations may be hit and miss. To use 100% of your ability to have want you want in life, your both your conscious and subconscious minds, heart and ego must be harmonious with each other. If, they are in any way in battle with each other, then this is where struggles, upsets, disagreements, loss, lack and illness enter you life.

When you decide to be unconditionally accountable and responsible for how you fee and respond to life's experiences, this in when you begin to take command over your subconscious and conscious minds. By instilling into them what would allow you to Love over anger/fear based responses, (this is the support this material provides you) this in turn supports your heart to return the ego from its 'altered and floundering state' that you fear to want to suppress or get rid, it is only because these types of emotions confused and covered up its God given purpose. Instead, by you being unconditionally responsible and accountable for how you feel and respond to life it supports and allows, through the trinity of your heart, minds, and ego united in love... your unique brilliance and inner beauty to support you in sharing the gift you came to 'be' in the world. Herein is where it becomes easy for you to be happy, fulfilled and abundant in the ways that support you in the divine scheme of being in the world yet not of it.

Know impeccably that, as what the picture of the larger red heart represents, your heart can grow to an unlimited size where there will always be room for more love to fill it and more love to share with the aura of God surrounding you. -Veronique

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