You can not change the past, yet you can change the future moment to moment… with each step you take. Veronique


If you are looking to get to the core to END STRESS –  ELIMINATE BURN OUT – BALANCE RELATIONSHIPS – BUILD CONFIDENCE NO MATTER THE AGE – END ABUSE – INCREASE PROSPERITY & FULFILLMENT – BE FREE FROM ANY BOX that is holding you back from enjoying life to it’s fullest then, Veronique’s 90 day Personal / Group Mentoring Program is for you.


Veronique is a gifted Master Teacher. Her own transformation unlocked her highly intuitive nature and empathic skills that she combines with clarity of purpose.  What does that mean to you? Her ability instantly redirects any false thinking you may have into clear communication with yourself that extends out to others.  As an intuitive and masterful listener, she is able to address multiple situations even in brief interactions with her. Interacting with Veronique you immediately know her unrivaled commitment is solely to your success in YOU bringing out the best in you. She will become a trusted friend who wants and expects the best from you – and who will challenge you to perform at your best. Veronique’s ‘sooner rather than later’ attitude supports you in understanding a culture of greatness… unconditionally. Within this culture you will build a foundation that will become the basis for every aspect of your life. She is dedicated to your personal best — this ‘best’ has nothing to do with a specified state or generalized standard, yet it will always be where you are consistently improving in step by step increments. This allows you to optimize your life with greater ease, grace and abundance. You will truly be amazed at just how much is possible for you with the right insights, knowledge and guidance in order to take your life to where you want it to be.


Each program is personalized to insure success on a single focus – whether for a single individual or in a group of up to 10. Your choice in which program to choose is determined by the number of core subjects you want to address and/or how deep you want to go with each of them. At the end of each program – no matter what, you will you have what you are willing to be committed to. Our job is to keep you honest with yourself, provide the power of wisdom & energy found in the Freedom Is Internal Collection to insure your success.  Your job is to be fully committed to what you want and to continually be honest with yourself.  Doing so, success takes hold on an internal level that becomes unshakable. Veronique’s mastery allows her to effectively guide both an individual or a group. No matter if you are being coached one on one or you create a group of like-minded people who want to achieve a common goal and you share the fee, you will always receive what will allow you super sonic growth. The only difference is your personal choice to be mentored one-on-one or in a group.

The Immense Value of This Type of Mentoring With a Master Teacher
Each program runs 7 days a week with 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening every day.  This intensity allows Veronique to catch something and correct it before anything can be cemented back into your subconscious, which is why it is so effective and long lasting.

The investment in yourself can last you a lifetime are as follows and is for a single area of expansion:

When you invest in this program, what you are receiving is someone in your back pocket for the entire program period, meeting with you every day, including Saturday’s and Sunday’s, because your subconscious never takes a break.  This period of intensity is important to permanently change misperceptions that are keeping you from having the life of your dreams.  Until addressed unconditionally, these misperceptions keep coming up, and until we become proficient, most of the time we aren’t aware they have come up.  The value of this program is that they can be recognized by a Master Teacher and address in the moment.  The 15 minutes in the morning starts the day off with a positive and empowered attitude and the 15 minutes in the evening allows those to see how they let their thoughts take them off course during the course of a day.  In the evening, it is when that thinking can be realigned to have what you say you want.  Because a Master Teacher, knows what the core issue is within moments, that 15 minutes on the call is spent realigning misaligned thoughts.  That is more than enough time to cover the needs of 10 people because each person will receive something from another’s question. Having a Master Teacher holding you accountable every day, with no days off, at the end of the program time, anything you have committed to changing WILL change PERMANENTLY.

What is the investment for each Program Level?

45 Days – $24,500
90 Days –  $54,000
180 Days –  $108,000
365 Days –  $216,000

The Same Mentoring On A Budget

Some just like that personal attention, and some may not really care because they are on a budget, yet still want the accelerated pace.

Veronique has worked out a program where you can create your own group.  Bring in 10 like-minded individuals who are wanting this kind of accelerated growth and share the expense.  The cool part of how Veronique has set up this program and the power in working with a master teacher is that they empathically intertwine what is required not only within a single individual but with the entire group.  Because of her empathic nature, she has no personal opinion on anything and in she becomes the instrument in connecting your subconscious with your conscious.

“….in all my years of taking personal development training, Veronique is the first and only person who has not inserted herself or what she thought was best for me into the training system. She comes from the pure truth and that is all she shares. She allowed me to determine how it was true for me and that allowed me to go faster than anything I have ever studied before.”
Veronica V. (Conneccticut)

Taking action is a critical step forward towards the unbridled success of being all you can be. Veronique’s approach ensures each session is adapted to your own experiences. Choose to be limitless by not waiting another day.

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Since listening to the S/He Loves Me audio and reading the Pocket Companion guide, there have been changes in my life that are blissful when previously it was tumultuous. Following the guiding words and reminding myself by reading the (Pocket) Companion is helping me allow myself to be who I am without the external and internal struggle that was ...
Linda Beaulieu Editor
“This works!” “I went with my friend thinking the class would be boring. I went not thinking I would get anything from it except the pizza. I learned so much on what I could do to have what I wanted….without trying to force anything. I tried it the next day at school and it worked! I couldn’t wait to ...
Piper Young Age 15
My success in the personal growth and coaching field for over 30 years has granted me my own acknowledgments from others. Yet, when meeting and working with Veronique I soon realized that there is a much higher level that others and I were not even touching because we simply did not know how! We had great theories on what to do, yet no practical ...
T. Loomis Consultant
“When I was asked to be in the Beta Test group for Veronique’s course, I really wasn’t expecting anything much different than ones I’ve done before. I have completed much personal growth work in the past, in fact, I’m now teaching it to others, so I wondered what I might gleam from hers. Yet, right from the onset of ...
Debra Gano Award Winning Author of Beauty’s Secret
“I hesitated to buy this course at first because I thought it was like all the other courses that were out there. After I got on the teleseminar*, and saw how caring, authentic and original Veronique was, and how she got me to view love/wealth in a way that I hadn’t thought of before, I realized this system was different.”
Mark M. Florida
All I knew about Veronique was what my friend had told me, that she possessed an amazing amount of wisdom from many different sources. I was in a rut and not progressing towards any of my goals, so I took a leap of faith. The changes in my life did not miraculously happen. It was hard and challenging work. ...
Idella Wilson Attorney

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