No Single Life Is More Important Than Another. Each Has Purpose

There is an amazing plan for you that will support you in remembering how to be one, how to be love, how to be you through the purpose you came to live and share. This plan is the uniqueness of who you are, living the power of you by being unconditional in your life experiences. No matter how your life has unfolded to date, you and only you are unique with your purpose. This purpose becomes clearer and easier to attain and maintain when being unconditional. You can create conditionally, however, sooner or later conditions will destroy what was created. It is what it is. Your unique plan reveals itself to you as you become more aware of what allows your heart and soul to sing. Living your purpose fully supports your individuality, your uniqueness, and how your gift serves the world. When you use your gift through the heart of you it becomes a win – win for everyone. A WIN for you and A WIN for the world. No more debates, no more battles, just an expanded awareness allowing the grace of you to be present.
All you have to do is be silent with yourself long enough to listen to the truth living inside you, unconditionally and responsibly. Listen to the part of you in search of a balanced healthy and happy life. An open heart guides you in remembering how to stay balanced and honest with yourself. An open heart opens you to a life of integrity motivated through the purpose you came to experience in every aspect of what you love and the gift you came to share with the world. Being one, you live being love.