mentorimageLife changes – rules change – old tactics of being successful no longer apply in today’s ever changing business climate.
Achieving consistent financial abundance and the ability to handle life’s challenges happens when you master principals and the psychology behind success —
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A small sample of questions and answers from students of previous group training sessions:

“You said it was as simple as “Just stopping,” that suggests to me a war against my judgmental self. Stop!” “No!” “Stop!” No!” It is not a simple thing. Simplify... Please!
Veronique: When you define anything as not being simple, it is not simple. You are the creator. You can define what you create as being simple or not being simple, however you define your experiences it is so.

The purpose of this course is to assist you in becoming more aware of how you create. This will move you in to an easier way to approach emotional feelings and diminish destructive outcomes. In awareness you know you have options.

How do you allow conditional, emotion-based thinking an unconditional exit? Will you naturally create negativity from conditional thinking?
Veronique: “To answer your last question, yes, you will create negatively from conditional thinking. However, you can use any of the last six keys to defuse any conditional reaction by repeating any Key or all of them over and over again. Choosing to do this will allow a healthy exit.

Additionally, you will know if you created conditionally if there were ANY level of upsets, excuses, defenses, or blames in your response. If you created unconditionally, continual grace, ease and abundance will be present in your outcome.”

Why is judgment so insidious, continuous and habitual? How do I get a handle on letting go of it completely... or, do you?
Veronique: “It really depends on what you want. When you get down to the bottom line and the “nitty-gritty” of things, it is an either/or. Either you are go- ing to choose to be unconditional/love or you are going to choose conditional ways. Judgment is just part of those conditional ways. You can choose to become aware of what your thoughts are, and then, in that awareness, simply say, ‘I choose differently.’ Because no matter what you do within anything that is ‘conditional,’ and certainly judgment, blame, guilt and shame, is conditional, you will create loss, lack and struggle. It simply, yet most profoundly and in fact, it is what it is.
Why am I so addicted to suffering when I 'know' that allowing grace into my life and living unconditionally will attract the abundance that allows me to make the difference that God created me for?
Veronique: “This is a great example of the subtleties of conditional thoughts. Remember, suffering has been in your family as a way of gaining their badge of honor. Their pur- pose was to gain honor through suffering. You have realized that you do not have to suffer to gain honor. Attempting to push suffering away because you are judging it, you are not allowing the blessing of what was.


Since listening to the S/He Loves Me audio and reading the Pocket Companion guide, there have been changes in my life that are blissful when previously it was tumultuous. Following the guiding words and reminding myself by reading the (Pocket) Companion is helping me allow myself to be who I am without the external and internal struggle that was ...
Linda Beaulieu Editor
“This works!” “I went with my friend thinking the class would be boring. I went not thinking I would get anything from it except the pizza. I learned so much on what I could do to have what I wanted….without trying to force anything. I tried it the next day at school and it worked! I couldn’t wait to ...
Piper Young Age 15
My success in the personal growth and coaching field for over 30 years has granted me my own acknowledgments from others. Yet, when meeting and working with Veronique I soon realized that there is a much higher level that others and I were not even touching because we simply did not know how! We had great theories on what to do, yet no practical ...
T. Loomis Consultant
“When I was asked to be in the Beta Test group for Veronique’s System, I really wasn’t expecting anything much different than ones I’ve done before. I have completed much personal growth work in the past, in fact, I’m now teaching it to others, so I wondered what I might gleam from hers. Yet, right from the onset of ...
Debra Gano Award Winning Author of Beauty’s Secret
“I hesitated to buy this System at first because I thought it was like all the other courses that were out there. After I got on the teleseminar*, and saw how caring, authentic and original Veronique was, and how she got me to view love/wealth in a way that I hadn’t thought of before, I realized this System was different.”
Mark M. Florida
All I knew about Veronique was what my friend had told me, that she possessed an amazing amount of wisdom from many different sources. I was in a rut and not progressing towards any of my goals, so I took a leap of faith. The changes in my life did not miraculously happen. It was hard and challenging work. ...
Idella Wilson Attorney