how the service circle© translates into decreasing employee turnover and increasing customer satisfaction for your businesses


Incorporate the philosophy of the Service Circle© into your business for lasting growth and success

“Remember, how you do something is how you do everything.”  ~V.

Whether in business, organizational or in personal life, the Service Circle© trademarked and created by Veronique Inc. is a path of obtaining, and building consistent abundance through the circle of service. Here’s how it works:


The Service Circle© is a copyrighted tool created by Veronique Inc. Businesses use this tool within their culture to represent to their employees the vital importance of being in “service”, from the heart, and how this “circle of service” supports the prosperity and continual operation of our business and ultimately the professional and monetary success of everyone.When we enter into relationships; professional, business, or personal, we have the opportunity to enter from the “point of view” of “serving others.” Through service we are supported in to a consciousness that encourages respect, and gratitude for what we have been given, from the inside out Through the Service Circle© we learn the “art of serving wholeheartedly”, through the joy of giving in an earned and “balance exchange”.

The Service Circle© establishes experiences, where it officially conveys that the business first “serves” its employees through its very existence, then the employees “serve” the Clients/Customers through their dedication to them by providing the best in their industry. The clients/customerss then in turn “serve” the business by continually returning to receive services, telling their friends and family members. This “service” in the community positively grows a business.

We look for the purpose and good in everything and everyone and build from there. We love, laugh and live by celebrating the gifts within life and the unique gift that each and every one of us has to offer. If that seems a little challenging, come and play with us and we will share with you how celebrating each moment and each individual that crosses your path is really pretty simple.Veronique