Change is a natural human process and is ever evolving. We change as we make new decisions. We also find that we are required to change as our situations and relationships change. Sometimes we hope others will change in ways we wish or expect, and are disappointed when they don’t. We change as we passion new and improved ways to live happy, fulfilled, balanced and fruitful lives. If we passion to be more (whatever you want to be more of), we must invite change into our lives. When life appears to unravel unexpectedly, it is because we are in resistance and wanting to control what we think is the way things should be so we can keep our mood in check. If we blame or judge what we believe to be the culprit that triggered any unwelcome ‘change’, it is because we are not yet conscious that upsets stem from what we continue to perpetuate as misperceptions, nothing more or less.

“You cannot have an outside fix to an inside problem.” – Veronique

The need to adapt to changing circumstances can, at times, leave us feeling helpless, powerless, afraid, and even hurt if we continue to misperceive the circumstances that brought the change into existence. At the root of all discord are unresolved misperceptions. Misperceptions form beliefs that continue angry/fear based/hurt filled reactions that if we attempt to run from them, instead of discovering the deeper truth that lives within the reactions. If the beliefs we carry result in highly charged responses and we attempt to displace them onto others or rebury them deeper inside ourselves, at some point these beliefs will be triggered to explode if left unresolved.

Unresolved misperceptions end up building upon more misperceptions that can only defeat our prosperity, health and happiness. If left to build upon themselves, these misperceptions push away what could have been miracles and instead continues to bring struggles and stresses into our lives. Struggles and stresses then affect our overall well-being. This cycle continues until we resolve our misperceptions unconditionally. If instead we choose to repeat thoughts that create discordant attitudes, we then build upon and create even more misunderstandings. ‘Change’ is viewed as a foe when stubborn attitudes are embedded into our consciousness, which expands unresolved misperceptions.

What we resist persists. Fully allowing ‘change’ to reveal our hidden ‘limiting beliefs’ empowers us to respond responsibly. Then if we look for the purpose and good in any situation, we can increase our awareness of how our limiting belief is what ‘really’ changed our mood or life circumstances, and not who or what we think was the culprit.

By allowing ‘change’ to bring to light our embedded misperceptions, we can then see and begin to embrace ‘change’ as our friend instead of a foe. Seeing change as a friend requires us to ask questions instead of remaining steadfast in assumptions that keep anger/ fear alive. Assumptions are not based on facts of ‘what is’ actually the truth – they are are false impressions that we make true from our misperceptions. Both assuming and misperceiving… are patterns heaped in denial stemming from upsetting experiences that were left unresolved. Assuming and misperceiving will, without doubt, disturb our peace and balance until we commit to – enough is enough – and unconditionally resolve what was upsetting.

Clearing misperceptions by asking questions empowers our innate ability to rise above what, at first appearance, seems destructive. This is how we can realize that ‘change’, no matter how it may first appear, is an opportunity to live through our internal love in innocence over anger/ fear based reactions, nothing more and nothing less. When we reduce destructive reactions we begin to realize that what we think ‘changed’ our mood or circumstances is not the culprit that limits our happiness, health, or wealth, … it was ‘our’ highly held onto misperceptions that do this. Holding onto any level of anger/fear is what keeps us from benefiting from our experiences. Choosing anger/fear over looking for the purpose and good in any and all of our experiences comes from our unwillingness to let go of misguided beliefs we may still be clinging to.

If a ‘change’ disturbs our mood or circumstances, it is because we remained somehow, even if we don’t realize it in the moment, in some level of judgment, blame, guilt or shame surrounding the circumstances within the event. For ‘change’ to be our friend we must rise above the limits a contemptuous mind can evoke when the beliefs we hang onto continue to cause us being angry with either ourself or others. When we elect to rise above the anger/fear there is no way to stay in the illusion that anything or others can doing anything to us that we ourselves do not influence through what we believe to be true. What we believe to be true does not mean it is true, only we believe it to be so, thereby making it true in our minds yet not in reality. To change beliefs that destroy our peace and balance we must be responsible for how we feel. This in turn will open ourselves to a life of freedom, happiness and prosperity because we are living through love over anger/fear.

Allowing ‘change’ to become the inspiration to unconditionally resolve misperceptions evolves our conscious awareness. Change – any change – grows us emotionally, mentally, and spiritually if we allow it to be so. Addressing ‘change’ unconditionally opens us into realizing a deeper truth. Truth beyond misperceptions actually frees any mind caught in reactive modes. With our minds free from reacting, this enables us to evolve our ability to become even more consciously aware of how in truth, we are influencing what we experience. Becoming more aware allows us to move easily ‘change’ circumstances that we want to change.

When we responsibly accept that we are the creator… and that everyone is only responding to our creation, is when we can allow ‘change’, no matter how unpleasant it may appear to be, to reveal the purpose and good hidden from those that hold onto limiting beliefs. The simple action of looking for the purpose and good allows ‘change’ to be a light. Seeing the light within ‘change’ opens us to an unwavering ability of innately knowing what must be incorporated differently into our beliefs to have what we want. This then will ultimately open our life to the endless and boundless possibilities for happiness, better health and prosperity and leads us into being all we were meant to be.

When you – attach yourself to nothing, when you allow all things, when you be remain in the joy of the discovery, and you have trust and faith this is when ‘change’ can be the doorway to that brings your vision of what you would love your life to be like… into life. If your not sure HOW to attach yourself to nothing, allow all things, be in the joy in the mist of unwelcome change, and have trust and faith – no matter what challenges you face, … The Freedom Is Internal Collection guides you simply and in less time deemed possible into HOW change can be your friend instead of foe. Change is what you make it!

Much Love and Many Blessings,


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ABOUT THE AUTHOR – In a world where we are taught to conform from the time we are born, Veronique’s life path has become a symbol for individual expression and knowing a deeper truth beyond perceptions. She has repeatedly broke conventions with her innovated thinking, pioneering influence and philosophical wisdom that has remained undaunted by status quo or the hills and valleys within her life’s journey. Her uncompromising calling has inspired, one way or another, everyone she encounters. Her work and poetic style to transformation remains as a tribute to ‘love’ as the single factor which evolves a ‘vaguely conscious irreverent mind’ into a mind where reverence ‘to be all one can be’ by simply integrating the intuition with logic whereas you know your own unique and authentic self. Following no boundaries in her quest to create a better life for her children and herself, yet respecting purpose all along the way, Veronique found her gift which she uses to serve, inspire and guide through example… in a simple – how – love in innocence grants us a prolific life when living your meaning and purpose.

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