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discover the magic of the lotus flower and the reason veronique chose it to represent her freedom is internal collection

Veronique choose a lotus flower as the backdrop for her quotes due to the spiritual symbology and nature’s science behind its birth.

This amazing flower births under the dark and rough conditions of still murky waters. Regardless of the conditions in which it was seeded, it grows and rises above what could be first construed as adversities into what it was meant to be. Its natural guidance sends it to reach towards the warmth and light beaming from the surface above. As it follows the guidance and moves in the direction of the surface the same muddy waters that at first clouded its existence washes any spots or stains away from its pedals, arising unsoiled. Floating on the water’s surface all that is seen by those that gaze upon it’s blossom is the innocent beauty of its existence, simply by Being the Flower It was Meant To Be.

The lotus flower represents the potential within each of us to awaken to the same beauty, innocence, and gift that each of us were born with. The gift of Each is unique and special to the world. No gift is lesser or greater than another’s. As the lotus flower grows naturally toward the warmth and light becoming the flower it was meant to be, so do we become ‘all we were meant to be’ when we live through – Truth In What ‘IS’, – Love in Innocence – Expressing Compassion without Being a Doormat, Being Accountable in Our Ability to Be Unlimited, and By Honoring Our Word… all within a No Matter What, No Excuse Mind Set.

The METHODOLOGY within her Collection combines both the science of and ancient spiritual principles to provide systematic way of raising one’s consciousness -unconditionally, – thereby powerfully embracing and living – All We Were Meant To Be – By Simply Being Ourselves – Through What We Love.

THE PRINCIPLES mentioned above are the natural guidance within our own nature.
They may get buried through anger and fear, yet they are still within us so we can rise to warmth of the light and wash away the murk.