no matter where you are in life, you can have what you want…
sooner rather than later


the first step, is your commitment

Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative and creation, there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favour all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now.J. Goethe
De-stressing Moment to Moment

Stress in and of itself serves a purpose. It is our body’s way of protecting us in emergencies.  During these types of scenarios our body releases hormones that increase our heart and breathing rates to ready our muscles to respond quickly to immediate, short-term fight or flight situations. Our use of stress has moved from short term ‘flight or flight into physiological responses that we play over and over again in our minds thereby building toxic stress in our bodies. If not released, (not just halted but actually released), the constant stress triggers the mind plays over and over again build poisons in our body and confuses our mind.

The built up poisons then creates the A to Z symptoms and diseases that science has now classified as related to what first began as the consistent firing of the stress hormones from habitual mind related stress responses into the built up poisons. Our minds have now taken a natural protective function into a dangerous overdrive.

With no REAL release, only momentary escapes that keeps our mind from being in our normal lives.  Examples are when we take vacations, use relaxation activities, mediation or attend events for healing – drinking or drugs out of moderation – etc. only ‘temporarily’ move our minds out of our ‘normal lives‘ yet when we return to our lives if we have not changed the root cause – what was – recreates itself. This is when we lose the inspiration that we gained from the temporary reprieve. What is the reason this happens? Because the roots of toxic stress lie deep in the nervous system and temporary reprieves do not address what lies deep. We must go beyond the conceptual mind to directly target the root of the triggers that keep this unnatural state of being perpetuating itself.

The System in The FREEDOM IS INTERNAL Collection transforms habitual responses through a non thinking method that easily takes you to the root cause. The Collection then provides different tools that tap into your old survival hardware in your evolutionary biology to reinstate balance back into the purpose of stress hormones. This balance returns our instinctual “fight – flight – responses to their normal purpose and permanently de-stresses our everyday lives.

Under duress we don’t rise to our expectations, we fall to our level of training.Bruce Lee
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Transforming Stressful Situations

When life gets hard, everyone is going to tell you how to feel and you may just feel angry wanting back a life that changed by circumstances that surprised you. No one can get your life the way you want it except you! Your ability to get through what life may have thrown your way is 1000 times more powerful than slapping a smile on your face and pretending like everything is just fine. No one can give you the life you want – you must do it for yourself.

THE FREEDOM IS INTERNAL COLLECTION improves your ability to rise above a number of significant challenges all associated with the mental, physical and emotional poisons built from stress:

NO MORE –  Just Coping – Thrive by Being Free from:

BEING – Overwhelm. The sense that life – and particularly your own thoughts and emotions – is “way too ****** much to handle.”
INTO: Intention by  bringing back your focus to where you want it, when you want it.

BEING – Excessively Busy.  “Doing things” has become compulsive – you’re constantly avoiding simply being ‘quiet’ with yourself.
INTO: Calming practices that relax the body and mind, giving access to soothing independence free from external circumstances.

BEING – Mindless Ruminating. The sense that the same stressful thought patterns “loop” over and over again in your mind without being questioned.
INTO: Experiencing life objectively reduces the amount of useless chatter giving us greater balance in our lives.

BEING – Completely Dissociated. Maintaining unhealthy psychological distance from life and people. You cut yourself off from your own and other people’s emotions.
INTO: Observing your emotions supports you in recognizing how they occur and how to change your response from disempowering to where they empower you.

BEING – A Narcissist and Denying it.  Becoming aware of your patterns enables you to gradually change habitual behaviors wisely where you can end the exhaustion of always feeling you have to defend, protect and enhance your sense of self though irresponsible and unaccountable actions – of defending your needs – because you deny self so much you end up feeling everyone owes you.
INTO: Compassion for others because you TRULY BECOME compassionate with yourself.

This System practices behavior that supports the human spirit to rise your mind into developing the capacities into its maximum power of KNOWING how your thought, words and actions can take you beyond the terrain of managing symptoms to a place where you developed the deepest ability of freedom that the human mind awards when it joins the heart and soul as one unified whole.

This Collection of wisdom and the science of energy intermixed throughout this System and its sole purpose is to be that voice of HOW to do it… and how to make it happen easier than you have ever imagined.

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The Power Within Seeing What is Hidden

The Freedom is Internal Collection is more than just pretty words or a book to read – it is a System and although quite simple in nature, its ability to transform from not knowing into knowing how to easily have your immediate needs met is unmatched… if… and only if you commit to using it as guided.

Why would you want to?
Because this System is able to support you in…  easily… ‘seeing’ what is hidden within your experiences.

Why is this so important?
It allows and supports you in becoming the master of your life vs. thinking you have no control over what is happening in it and to you.

Using the picture in this section as an example, at first glance you only see the face. However by simply changing your perspective on the way you are viewing the picture, what is hidden then becomes blatantly obvious.  From the moment you see the hidden word your ability to see it again and again is both simple and easy because you now have the ‘HOW’ to view it where the word jumps out at you each time you look at the face.  HOW you viewed it made all the difference.  You now have the ability to see the lies we tell ourselves that in the past, we didn’t know we were telling ourselves.

Using this System is much the same. It provides the HOW to view your life experiences in a way that supports you in knowing HOW to adjust aspects within your thoughts, words and actions to better effect having what you want… sooner rather than later™.

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Not Prejudging a Book By the Movie

The movie we are referring to is one created through misperceptions. If you hold onto misperceptions, these vibrational frequencies become a distortion to knowing the higher purpose of your experiences. This is what The Freedom Is Internal Collection clears up… misperceptions through predeterminations that have actually caused you to miss opportunities.

In order to unlock the power of this System you MUST:

  • be persistent in using this Collection as guided – otherwise you will look at it only as words and miss its transformative power of supporting you to live in ease & flow no matter the circumstances currently in your life.  Moment to moment with the use of this Collection, you can have what you really, really, really want sooner rather than later™ –
  • be dedicated to witnessing how you are currently responding to life more… through stress… or not –
  • repeated / consistent readings and listening to the audio until you have what you want –

are you willing to do what is bulleted above?


If your answer is  “no I am not”,  then save your money because this purchase will end up being the most expensive ‘pretty words’ you may have ever purchased.

If your answer is “yes I am”, then go for it. Don’t hesitate, buy THE FREEDOM IS INTERNAL COLLECTION today… now. Within your unwavering commitment to use this collection as guided, you will see the brilliance of this System into transforming your state of mind into an elevated consciousness. From an elevated perspective, you will free yourself from life’s trials and tribulations into the freedom & abundance that mindful living provides.

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Freedom as It Was Meant to Be... Unlimited

We are purposely driving home that THE FREEDOM IS INTERNAL COLLECTION is a highly unique System that takes you on an adventure of remembering HOW TO LIVE the radiant YOU verses just pretty words that make you feel good.  Feel good words have their purpose, however the intention of this material in what it delivers when used as guided, is to empower you to turn lemons into lemonade.  It is important for you to know this distinction so you can fully benefit, as quickly as humanly possible, from this System’s strength of transforming ANYTHING that may be limiting into a passion that energizes you into remembering HOW TO LIVE YOU… consistently… no matter what.

This System provides stepping stones where you can build from doing what you must to pay the bills into receiving more abundantly from doing what you really love. Living what you love opens you to a world of turning possibilities into probabilities.  This journey of exploration and discovery provides a simple yet powerful HOW to unlock the answers to life’s most probing questions.  This HOW liberates the power within the answers so you can be FREE from conscious and unconscious influences and the misperceptions that hold them in place.

Misperceptions end up reinforcing a lack consciousness… this includes not just resources, also the lack of time and/or a lack of knowing you have options other than settling.  Realizing you can be unlimited empowers you to KNOW HOW to have life exactly how you want it to be. When you open yourself to this adventure you also become enraptured with life – in and of itself – because you build upon knowing that there is more to life than just the physical obvious.

Becoming more consciously aware opens you up to ideas and solutions that are unavailable to a mind that sees life through clouded filters of misperceptions.  Go to our testimonial page and read the handful of testimonials we posted that represent all age groups and stations in life from those who have created that very freedom we are sharing with you is possible. These individuals found that when they used the System as instructed it became their laser beam for unstoppable freedom, happiness – health –  and wealth of ‘probabilities’ within a flow in life.  The synergistic brilliance of this System is in its simplicity to support you in living every moment as an illuminating building block to create the masterpiece of your life where each experience becomes another opportunity that empowers you no matter how that experience may first appear.

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Adding Your Light To The World

We as human beings live by and through love alone… when love is misperceived it sets up different levels of fearing (both conscious & unconscious) instead of truly loving through giving and receiving unconditionally. Unresolved misperceptions dims your light. If left unaddressed and unresolved, misperceptions snowball into building upon an array of false evidence appearing real… fears. Fears have many names from not feeling you are enough or having enough… all the way to out and out upsets and feelings of betrayal.  The Freedom Is Internal Collection’s synergetic combination of lost wisdom interwoven with energy in its highest vibrational power is able to transform any misperception that only takes you down a road of never feeling fulfilled thereby you end up just surviving no matter your economic level. Survival mentalities leave your heart and soul decaying in the dust of lost hope. STOP THIS CYCLE NOW… become the light to YOURSELF… from here you then become the light you were meant to be in the world. Your light ignites others… Use it!

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benefits of mentoring with veronique

Although this system’s ability to de-stress is beyond amazing, it is a layering process. So decide if you want a supportive mentor that gets you through the layers quicker and with even greater ease because your mentor’s Mastery in catching you in the subtleties that are holding you back and holding you down is her expertise. From the elevated perspective she provides, you will be able to see the root core of what is limiting you without having to delay though a longer discovery process and even more importantly HOW to instantly reverse it. This allows you to consistently de-stress moment-to-moment without zoning out. In stead you are always zoning into and building upon a constant ‘gain’ in awareness and mindfulness from your experiences.