this collection of wisdom and science is your tool to remembering the power of what lives within.

Trust that if you have found this material, you are ready to resolve within you whatever discord keeps you desperately chasing, rather than enjoying, lifes richness.

Incorporating this material in your everyday experience, you will come to recognize the misperceptions and illusions you have about what love is, what love looks like, feels like, and gives you. These illusions cause you to seek for love in all and everything, except the one and only place from which it springs. The source of safe haven, of deep fulfillment, of ultimate balance.

With the experience of using this material, fear becomes a faint memory rather than a moment to moment companion. Once you have replaced your fear with who you truly are, you will feel the overwhelming relief and jubilation as you now know how it feels to be love.

Love never leaves you. Love never leaves you empty.

Love is the memory that you are worthy of all the wealth in the world, both inside and out.

If you’re laughing your tears away in public but you can’t laugh them away in private;

Take the leap!

This material was created just for you. As it was created just for me.


the collection



clarity – focus – meaning