What came first was this poem in the form of a prayer. It arrived fully formed… with no thought or corrections. I simply placed each word I heard to paper. I immediately saw it was a commitment I was making to myself – Making this commitment instantly made me feel stronger because somehow I knew life would be better from it.

Reading it to myself and sharing its wisdom when asked began increasing an intuitive knowing within me that transforming my life meant evolving my consciousness this then would turn my life around. Yet, this also meant I had to become more self aware of what I was doing. From this place of commitment a natural evolution began occurring. I became stronger from the inside out knowing there was an answer to my long awaited questions on happiness, financial stability and being able to be in an overall joy for life

This commitment began my Journey to Remember the unadulterated power behind the foundation of HOW to change mindsets that were negative to positive… the answer came… LOVE IN INNOCENCE. From this humble beginning this prayer birthed THE FREEDOM IS INTERNAL COLLECTION and the groundbreaking HOW to evolve my consciousness – I share with you now my Prayer of Commitment – that began it all.

A place of preferment,
A smitten ideal that never seems to materialize
in a vaguely conscious mind.
Perhaps a way to understand love,
Love, with no conditions,
is to throw all preconceived conceptions
or yesterday collections
of shattered what ifs and should have beens
to the fire of reappraisal and
glorify every moment
as the enchantment of life.
Indestructible memories felt whole
with the sole purpose to connect moments
that would discipline oneself frequently,
if not always, to the expanded thought
that all experiences,
if free in this incredible innocence, this non-judgmental belief into knowing and this would open up an exquisite revelation of the simplicity of love.
I am firm in my resolution
to remain impassioned with this single thought,
for it is my chosen journey
to unveil fear in all its disguises
without any emotional anchor
that weights the soul in a God-forsaken quicksand.
To ascend to a position that reigns in constant rhythm of being in life
* whole —

with no luring hook
that harkens less than
the joy of the love of self,
life, all.
If prodded into an expression of my feelings I would humbly speak;
“There is no way to capture love,
love is free likened to the wind
that surges in one moment with intense disturbance and in another like indecisive fingers,
love softly caresses with a gentle breeze.”
Tonight, I awaken,
Completing what appears to be
THE BEGINNING.” – Always Through Love, Veronique

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