This is the first of a series of 3 articles that build upon themselves and is a prelude to what Jesus Christ emphasized in his example of Love to the world. No matter one’s belief system or affiliation the core of his example is simply… Innocence of Love

“God created the earth and us… God does not create our experiences, we do this all by ourselves through ‘our free will choice’ of how we choose to think, what we speak and how we act. We were given earth as our domaine to create and shape what can be fruitful through our thoughts, words, and actions, God allows us to choose what we want to live by and through, Love or Anger/fears. We can remember our internal Love and live by and through it, or live through outer manifestations from misperceptions that fuel ways anger/fears that separate us, pass on pain, build unnecessary struggles, even what adds disease to our lives. Love is across the board. We can not say I love here yet not there. Either we are using our Love to prosper or we bury it in the perpetuation of remaining ignorant to how our thoughts, words and actions contribute to our experiences and the world we experience. Or we can be free from what limits our happiness, freedom, and health by becoming conscious to ‘knowing’ that living through our internal Love is what creates miracles into everyday reality. Plant a thought; you receive an action; plant an action; you receive a habit; plant a habit; you receive a character; plant a character; you receive your destiny.

God created male and female and gave us earth as a place of dominion to be fruitful and multiply. A place where we could create experiences from the same love, joy and innocence that created us. With ‘Love In Innocence’ placed in our hearts all that was required of us was to remember to live and create through the Unlimited Universe of God’s Love and live the Golden Rule of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Through Love In Innocence we repay no one evil for evil. Through Love In Innocence we give thought to do what is honorable and just. Through Love In Innocence we ‘allow’ others without becoming a doormat to projections of disrespect towards ‘one’ or ‘another’. The more aware we allow ourselves to become we realize, without exception, that any disrespect can only birth from unresolved issues of misperceptions. Misperceptions create different anger/fears that then continues suffering in so many different forms. It’s not God’s job to undo our messes, or relieve the suffering this is the responsibility of ‘each and every one of us’ to do by living by and through Love alone. Becoming increasingly aware we can more easily employ positive changes through understanding and compassion that empowers others, as well as ourselves, to be all we can be.
* All My Love, Veronique”