This is the second of a series of 3 articles that build upon themselves and is a prelude to what Jesus Christ emphasized in his example of Love to the world. No matter one’s belief system or affiliation the core of his example is simply… Innocence of Love

 I Influence My Experiences – Like it or Not

When I was younger I held onto beliefs that were considered the norm. Those beliefs provided my mind with a bubble of safety because if others believed the same, then I rationalized that also believing the same should keep me safe and happy. No matter my efforts, life continued to remain upsetting and painful in various respects. The belief in these norms were not diminishing my unhappiness, ill health or freeing me from internal emotional pain. No matter how normal my world appeared to others, within me there was still a disturbing unrest that I was unable to silence.

Life as I knew it held no answers. I was obviously missing something because life sucked; the world was cruel… or so I thought. Even though frustration consumed me, I was fully committed to discover what I did not know. I was so ready to do what I must and be free from the confusion and limitations still plaguing me. I began a quest for what would set me free; thus the inspiration came to travel the world. I placed myself in front of different individuals, each a master of their own modality. Each experience gave me different pieces of unlocking the mystery of my inability to be
happy and free.

In time, all I witnessed and experienced opened me to knowing that the mystery had to do with me. HOW my own beliefs left room for doubt: either I know or I don’t. That reality is the keeper of truth. Not my truth or anyone else’s truth, just a guide to what is happening inside me. If I do not like what is, I can change it by becoming aware, accountable and responsible in how my beliefs, feelings, thoughts and past choices got me to what is. I began approaching this discovery with rapt attention, remembering that I do have command over what I experience. As harsh as that sounds, there is prevailing truth in the phrase, “as above, so below.” This ancient metaphor empowered me to realize that what is on the inside expresses itself on the outside. Throughout my travels and at home, I noticed how each passing experience reminded me that I create and influence the reality I live. That the more I was willing to be accountable and responsible unconditionally for what only I could be answerable to (instead of experiencing dread) life changed for the better. The truth I was searching for developed gradually after I understood that my conscious and subconscious minds were battling each other and holding me back from the freedom, happiness and abundance I wanted. There were no faults to look for in my outside circumstances… just like the ancient metaphor proposes, it was all inside of me.

With my unwavering commitment to be free, it was easy to be honest with myself. I could show me, myself and I (and others!) how to simultaneously exist through unconditional responsibility and accountability. The more I surrendered to this wisdom, an absolute knowing on how to be free, happy, and abundant flowed effortlessly through me. This is what evolved me into an overall state of wellbeing. Simply living through this way to be I set myself free from how I allowed, through choice, my mind(s) to enslave me. The Pocket Companion is just a pocketful of what flowed through me.

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