she loves meS/He Loves Me consists of 3 harmonic chapters on the journey into inner peace. The Stories and Music will begin to transform worries and fears in clarity and balance. By inspiring free-flowing awareness, it reveals untouched and unlimited creative thinking. Repeated listening diminishes life’s clutter and stresses. Negative mindsets are pushed out and replaced unshakeable certainty – ‘you can be all you want to be’ – in any aspect in life.

The Story: 90 minutes of spiritual awakening split across 2 audio CD’s. Follow Veronique’s journey and evoke your own buried and untapped potential. Discover how the mind conceals this truth when living with upsets, disappointments, regrets and un-fulfilment. Each word resonates deeply, inspiring detachment from restrictions and raising awareness of your innate brilliance. Naturally decrease your worries and fears by opening an internal gateway, inherently increase your well-being as your life unfolds. Once you feel whole and balanced from within, nothing can hold you back from living life to the fullest.

Vibrational Energizer: Deepen your self-connection through 75-minutues of powerful mediative tones. Immerse both your conscious and subconscious minds in a nurturing bath of frequencies. Gently dull mental chatter and replace it with silent whispers of reinforcement. Strengthen your self-awareness and trigger increased engagement in the life around you.

3 CD’s
Stored in 1 DVD Case

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