What would it be like to live free like the wind, to embrace the sun without getting burned, to live life in the wondrous flow of abundance & joy without pain and struggle? That’s what I discovered and I now pass it on through The Freedom Is Internal Collection to all who passion the same freedom.
~ Veronique

Veronique offers a 3 month multi-energetic level personal mastery program


My name is Veronique and I’ve been practicing empathic mentoring for well over two decades and counting. I have nearly 33 years of research and development in this field that has progressively illuminated others in knowing HOW to, step-by-step, reach their desired goals and potential by living and Being Love. 

What comes to light within the mentoring process I use is how you can have what you want in a shorter than average timeline while building a solid unshakeable foundation within yourself. Throughout our time together we will acknowledge important milestones in your progression. 

 Some people call me a psychic.  I really don’t know what that means to those that call me that..   All I know is when I am mentoring, I remain unaltered.  I am so highly sensitive that I know what is going on with you that you may not be aware of and am so open that I can hear what you don’t hear… I listen to what you don’t listen to.  If you want to call that psychic, so be it. I don’t have a label for it.  All I know is I stand strong in when I know and when do I know, I share this knowing with others.  When I don’t know I will share that with you as well because maybe in the not knowing there is something you have to discover that you are not even allowing yourself to know.

Another of my unique gifts is that I am able to quickly zone in on how your interpersonal world and the world around you is affecting the nature of your spirit, purpose and mind. I clearly spot the subtleties that often escape notice regardless of a desire to be completely honest with oneself. My skill level provides laser like proactive solutions to immediately address your specific situation.  You will be using The Freedom Is Internal Collection throughout our time together in support of you attaining success quicker than what you can imagine. If you are only looking for a single session to recalibrate your perspective on what is happening in your life, then sign up for that.  My mastery allows me to immediately zone in on what is necessary  for you to change and what you must do to achieve your goals.

If somehow, deep down inside of you, you know it’s going to take more than a single session, then I encourage you to at least begin with the 3 month Jump Start mentoring program.  It will be a life-changing investment in yourself .  It supports you in building an internal foundation where nothing will shake you from your space of knowing.  My purpose and clear intent is to support you in having what you want.  During this period you will be using The Freedom Is Internal Collection, while I am clarifying and building upon HOW it can serve you – moment to moment as a life long companion in complete and absolute support of you always reenforcing proactive energies around you.  I know that sometime we make these choices consciously and sometime we make these choices subconsciously. Either way,  choosing a new way to be in life, a new reality if you will, and engaging with a mentor to keep you on track with that choice, is an incredibly powerful statement. Its a way of standing with feet on the ground while reaching for the heavens, intertwining in one breath the deepest core of your power as you call upon the entire universe to open its doors in support of what you want. It is my distinct honor to assist in you creating what will be special and unique in raising your ability you achieve your goals and dreams more quickly than you ever imagined is possible.

I invite you to come in to my world where possibilities always turn into probabilities!


3 Month Mentoring Program

The mentoring program is 3 months. This duration allows the necessary time to change a single challenge into where we are developing the deepest capacities of the human mind in support of our spirit into having what.  During this time you can expect Veronique’s mentoring skill to expose the subtleties within how you are communicating with both yourself and others that is effecting your reality.  Additionally, during this time you will be developing mindful moment-to-moment awareness surrounding your thoughts, words, emotions, different sensations and how your surrounding environment is supporting you. Veronique combines raising your awareness with developing heart based intentional nurturing for yourself intertwining it with your interactions with others.  Reinforcing these mindsets improve your ability to rise above challenges large and small thereby you can think of de-stressing life and increasing abundance as a process where you can move from severe stress… and /or just surviving into flourishing.

With your permission and cooperation Veronique’s mastery is able to go to the core of any blockages in your first session with her. From there on out she supports you in balancing and strengthening that core, staying on track and constantly adjusting what is required so you will receive what you asked for during the 3 month duration of this program and your time with her.  After the end of the first three months you decide where you want to go from there.

While the program itself is completely up to what you what to achieve, there is a minimum starting point depending on where you are, what you want to accomplish and where you want to go — all of this will be discussed and covered in the consultation.   If you want to get a sense of what can happen for you – please read the testimonials posted on this site.  Those selected for publishing both on the web and in print have been provided with written permission and chosen to show an array of successes one can achieve through this program that includes different age groups, cultures and vocations.


What is the investment for each Program Level?

NO MORE –  Just Coping – OR Just Getting By – The Purpose of Mentoring is to Move You Easily, Gracefully, Abundantly – In The Shortest Time Possible – Into Thriving by Being More Consciously Aware THEREBY –      Free From:

  • Being Overwhelmed
  • Being Excessively Busy
  • Mindless Rumination
  • Being Completely Disassociated
  • Being a Narcissist or Being Affected by One

Change your life and PERMANENTLY have more peace of mind.

90 Days –  $60,000

Let’s get started!

Request your schedule – TODAY –  from here we can begin designing the unique program to guarantee your success
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Since listening to the S/He Loves Me audio and reading the Pocket Companion guide, there have been changes in my life that are blissful when previously it was tumultuous. Following the guiding words and reminding myself by reading the (Pocket) Companion is helping me allow myself to be who I am without the external and internal struggle that was ...
Linda Beaulieu Editor
“This works!” “I went with my friend thinking the class would be boring. I went not thinking I would get anything from it except the pizza. I learned so much on what I could do to have what I wanted….without trying to force anything. I tried it the next day at school and it worked! I couldn’t wait to ...
Piper Young Age 15
My success in the personal growth and coaching field for over 30 years has granted me my own acknowledgments from others. Yet, when meeting and working with Veronique I soon realized that there is a much higher level that others and I were not even touching because we simply did not know how! We had great theories on what to do, yet no practical ...
T. Loomis Consultant
“When I was asked to be in the Beta Test group for Veronique’s System, I really wasn’t expecting anything much different than ones I’ve done before. I have completed much personal growth work in the past, in fact, I’m now teaching it to others, so I wondered what I might gleam from hers. Yet, right from the onset of ...
Debra Gano Award Winning Author of Beauty’s Secret
“I hesitated to buy this System at first because I thought it was like all the other courses that were out there. After I got on the teleseminar*, and saw how caring, authentic and original Veronique was, and how she got me to view love/wealth in a way that I hadn’t thought of before, I realized this System was different.”
Mark M. Florida
All I knew about Veronique was what my friend had told me, that she possessed an amazing amount of wisdom from many different sources. I was in a rut and not progressing towards any of my goals, so I took a leap of faith. The changes in my life did not miraculously happen. It was hard and challenging work. ...
Idella Wilson Attorney

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