S/He Loves Me *Digital Download

S/He Loves Me *Digital Download


S/He Loves Me is your inoculation for feeling good instantly. When you are feeling depressed, overwhelmed, frustrated, unmotivated, STRESSED-OUT, confused, unhappy, alone, bored, disconnected, victimized, etc. listen to this audio. This 3 part audio works in conjunction to snap you out of that funk and keep you feeling good for longer periods of time because it works on you at multiple levels
– the subconscious level, it’s specific wording connects to the way your brains work to begin retraining it so you gradually have less and less of those thoughts that keep you in such destructive immobilized states,
– the physical level, it’s musical frequency connects with your DNA so it begins to repattern itself to become what it was meant to be in its most pure state.

The more you listen to this CD, the more positive thoughts you will have, the more solutions you will open yourself up to and the more ability you will have to handle the day to day stresses in your life. The great part is, you can feel good all along the way!


“Since listening to the S/He Loves Me audio and reading the Pocket Companion guide, there have been changes in my life that are blissful when previously it was tumultuous. Following the guiding words and reminding myself by reading the Pocket Companion is helping me allow myself to be who I am without the external and internal struggle that was previously holding me back. There is something unique about Veronique from the melodic sound of her speaking to the formation of truths she shares. In its entirety, this audio is helping me love who I am because I am. If you listen to Veronique’s audio discourse, expect to feeling uncontrollable bouts of happiness and pure joy, which for me have increased the more I follow the words in the audio.”
Linda Beaulieu – Editor



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